Nuby Sippy Cups & Nuby Replacement Spouts Plus Nuk Replacement Spouts, Learner & Active Sippy Cups Discount Coupon Codes 
NUK Replacement Valves] and [NUBY Replacement Spouts]- (Nuby is no longer making the replacement super straws or valves in the USA)

Nuk Gerber Replacement Valves - These valves come in your choice of 2, 4, or 6 packs on our sales page.  Click Here.

BPA Free Valves

The Spill Proof Cup Replacement Valves fits all Fun Grips and Sip & Smile Cups. It controls the flow and snaps into place of the cup.

With all of the problems we are having utilizing our natural resources, you can contribute to the green planet by using replacement valves and replacement spouts. 

Instead of tossing out your perfectly good Nuby and Nuk sippy cups, buy the replacements, save money and help to save our planet.

These are all reasonably priced and babies / toddlers everywhere seem to love the Nuby products. 

Click here to order Nuby and Nuk Replacement Parts. USE DISCOUNT COUPON CODES:  FIRSTNUK OR FIRSTNUBY to get a percentage off your first order as well as repeat orders.

Nuby Replacement Spouts:
Nuby Replacement Parts:

For tall 10 oz Nuby Sipper

Gripper Cup. 2 In a Pack.
Soft Silicone.  100% Medical
Grade.  Measure apx. 2" across spout.  Will not fit any cup but the 10 oz Nuby sippy gripper cup.  CLICK HERE TO BUY.


                Nuby Replacement Spouts               

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