Are super!  These spouts fit only 2 specific Nuby cups - the Nuby tall 10oz Easy Gripper Cup and the Nuby, two handle, 8oz Nuby sippy cup.  They won't fit on any other cups so be careful when you order. They do NOT fit the Nuby Clik It cups.  The spouts measure apx. 2 1/4" from side to side directly across the widest part of the spout. When replacing the Nuby Super Spout Cup, you push the spout through the top of the rim and secure it for the best fit. 

The spout has a unique figure 8 shape.  The top of the figure 8 is smaller than the bottom.  This is important because there are other spouts that look similar that fit on the Nuby Flower and monster cups.  Those are NOT the same.  The Nuby Super Spouts are recommended for ages 6+ months.  They are BPA free, no spill, no leak and no mess.  They are made of 100% silicone and come 2 in one factory sealed package. 

4 nuby super spout replacements

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