The Nuby Wide Spouts fit the plumper looking 10oz Nuby wide mouth, two handle sippy cup ONLY!  We have been told that these spouts can fit other sippy cups as well, but we haven't tried them yet.  We always recommend looking at the shape of the spout and more importantly, measuring your existing spout before deciding to order. The spouts measure approximately 2 3/4 inches across the widest part of the spout.  These DO fit the Nuby wide 10oz cups as shown. 

We have also been told, and have tried, that these fit the small, regular mouth mason jars.  There is more info online for those who want to try them but may need help getting them to fit.  They worked for us but we had to press down on the rim while turning to close it.  They didn't leak and the lid didn't pop off, but I'm sure there are other secrets regarding mason jars that we just don't know.  Order the Nuby wide spouts for mason jars at your own risk!


NUBY WIDE spouts

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nuby wide mouth replacement spouts